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1 arrested, booty recovered as thieves target Berbice supermarkets – Guyana Times

Police have arrested a man, and have been able to recover some of the items stolen, as thieves begin focusing their attention on Chinese-operated supermarkets in Berbice.
According to Police, between 00:00h and 02:00h on Tuesday, “One Go” Chinese Supermarket of Lot 4 Canefield Settlement in East Canje, owned and operated by 35-year-old Wang Wei Xiong, was broken into by thieves, who escaped with some $800,000 and a quantity of Digicel and GTT phone cards.

Shortly after 02:00h on Tuesday, a lone man was caught on camera removing a number of items from the “Good Life” Supermarket of Cumberland, in East Canje.
The man escaped on bicycle after removing from the premises 13 brooms with a total value of $10,000.

Man caught on camera escaping with brooms

On Monday morning, the supermarket was also the target of a lone thief, who was also caught on camera removing items from the business place. A $3500 electric fan was removed along with seven bicycle tyres valued at $12,600 and six tyres for electric bikes valued at $18,000.
Police have since arrested the suspect on Tuesday, and have been able to recover the fan and the brooms. The suspect had been able to dispose of the tyres before he was arrested.

Only recently, Police Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus said 12 per cent of crimes in Region Six are being committed in the Cumberland area of East Canje. And this is notwithstanding there being a reduction in serious crime in the region.
Several reports reaching this newspaper detail similar illegal activities taking place at businesses operated by Chinese nationals in the New Amsterdam area. On many occasions, the operators are reluctant to provide any information to the media, and in some instances, have not been cooperating with the Police.
Only recently, a hardware store operated by Chinese nationals at Main Street and Shoe Lane in New Amsterdam was robbed by armed bandits who entered the premises. Senior Police officers visited the crime scene, but were unable to get any information from the owners.
This publication understands that that incident, which occurred on Friday, resulted in the business being robbed of several hundred thousand dollars. (G4)

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