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741 traffic violations recorded over weekend – Guyana Times

Over the weekend, the Guyana Police Force took firm action against traffic violations, handling a total of 741 cases. Speeding and driving under the influence (DUI) were the offences.
Ranks dealt with 176 cases of speeding and 10 DUI cases. On Sunday, 302 cases were recorded, including 136 speeding cases and six DUI incidents. This momentum continued into Monday with 439 cases, including 176 speeding violations and four DUI cases.
Throughout the entire week of October 8-14, the Police Force remained dedicated to road safety, addressing 2711 cases, with 651 speeding violations and 30 DUI cases. Additionally, 822 charges were filed, 1710 tickets were issued, and 179 summonses were served.
Educational efforts were robust, featuring 20 school lectures, nine driver-focused sessions at institutions like Courts Guyana Inc and GWI, five bar talks, and daily radio messages. The Force received support from HJ, promoters, and DJs, along with a practical role-play event in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), which reinforced the road safety message.
To enhance safety, the Police Force indicated that pedestrian signs were repainted across all Regional Police Divisions, ensuring better visibility and reducing accidents.
By addressing violations, raising awareness, and improving safety measures, the Police Force said they are working diligently to create safer roads for everyone.
The Police continue to urge citizens to respect road rules and prioritise safety, reinforcing the message that responsible driving is a collective responsibility.
Just days ago, the GPF announced that 494 traffic cases were recorded across all Regional Police Divisions in Guyana in a single day.
Traffic ranks conducting a traffic enforcement exercise
Among those cases, 120 were for speeding violations, and 10 drivers were apprehended for DUI.
The Police Force has also announced that it has implemented suggestion boxes, and collaboration with members of the Regional Road Safety Councils and other partners is ongoing. These initiatives are all aimed at fostering a positive shift in the mindset of motorists and enhancing public safety on the roadways.

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