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Berbice business apologises for offending Hindu community – INews Guyana

The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC) has probed the matter in relation to the use of the bag bearing the Hindu symbol, the ‘Om’.

It has since announced that the matter has been addressed.

Based on the investigation, the ERC found that the unfortunate decision to use such bags was due to the lack of awareness of the non-Guyanese business owner, based on the differing cultural and religious practices between Guyana and the business owner’s country of origin.

It was found that the infringement that was committed on persons of the Hindu religion was not intentional according to the business.

Further, the business entity Mr. Fried Chicken has assured the ERC in writing, that the use of the bags with the Hindu symbol has been discontinued and will not reoccur in the future.

The business owner also offered a written apology for their actions.

As such, the ERC has closed the case on this matter.

See full apology from the business establishment:

Dear Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC):

Our company formally explained and sincerely apologized to the people and religious committee for using paper bags with the “OM” logo.

Please be informed that we the management and staff of Mr. Fried chicken, Rose Hall Town apologize to the people and religious community for using bags with religious symbols to serve our food. We are sorry for doing this, our intention was not to hurt, offend or make anyone upset.

We have serving bags and containers coming from China but they are not here as yet, we try to use these bags temporarily until we get ours that is coming, not knowing or realizing that this will offend some people. Again we are sorry. We already discontinue the use of these bags.

The entire staff of Mr. Fried Chicken Company sincerely apologizes for offending and hurting members of the Hindu community through the unknowing use of paper bags with “OM” printed on them.

The company realized its mistake that day, immediately stopped using it and informed all company members that paper bags with religious patterns were prohibited for any meat and non-vegetarian purposes.

I want to sincerely apologize to everyone.

We respect and safeguard Guyana’s national culture and religious sentiments, and hope everyone can understand.

Thank for being understanding and forgiving

Mr. Fried Chicken Main Store September 16, 2023

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