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ERC investigating violation of Hindu religious practices – INews Guyana

See full statement from the Ethnic Relations Commission:

The Ethnic Relations Commission has taken note of the viral video and images in circulation, in relation to the meat being served in bags which bears the Hindu symbol or ‘Om’ which is contrary to Hindu religious practices.

In this regard, the ERC will be investigating the matter thoroughly as an act of religious intolerance and will take the necessary course of action to remedy the situation.

In the interim, the Commission is calling on the business entity to discontinue use of the bags with Hindu emblem with immediate effect.

Consistent with Function No. 6 of the ERC’s mandate to ‘Encourage and create respect for religious, cultural and other forms of diversity in a plural society’ as outlined in the Article 212D of the Constitution, the Commission will continue to work towards sensitizing the public on cultural and religious practices of the various religions in our country, so as to increase religious tolerance and acceptance in Guyana.

The Commission wishes to remind the general public that complaints can be made via the ERC’s website @ www.erc.org.gy; email @ [email protected] or through a walk-in process.

The Commission remains committed to ensuring that its mandate of promoting harmony and good relations is upheld.

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