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Exxon denies telling opposition gov’t agreed to reduce US$214M to US$3M – Stabroek News

By Marcelle Thomas

Alistair Routledge

ExxonMobil yesterday said that it told the opposition that it believed that it had proved that the US$214 million flagged by IHS Markit was reduced to US$3 million, but did not say that government had agreed to or finalised the process.

The company also informed that the audit still has not closed and that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) will reengage IHS Markit with the new documents it has found to prove that its costs are as claimed, a contention that has been dismissed by top officials who spoke to this newspaper yesterday. The last word from the GRA was that the audit was closed as far as it is concerned.

ExxonMobil has become embroiled in controversy over the unauthorised discussions with the Ministry of Natural Resources to reduce the disputed figure – which would have resulted in less profit coming to Guyana – and a dispute over what exactly it told the opposition about the matter.

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