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GNBS seizes some 160 unapproved scales – INews Guyana

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) has seized some 160 unapproved and unverified measuring scales.

This seizure was undertaken during an inspection by the GNBS Legal Metrology Department, which conducted surveillance exercises at shops and markets countrywide to ensure that measuring instruments used in retail trade were verified.

Commencing in May, these impromptu surveillance visits were conducted in markets in the city and its environs, including those at Stabroek, Bourda, Kitty, Ruimveldt, Plaisance, and Mon Repos.

Following this seizure, the GNBS has urged that these scales are not designed for commercial trade as their internal parts cannot withstand the rigours of frequent use.

As a result, these domestic scales easily become inaccurate, depriving consumers and even users themselves.

Alternatively, the GNBS recommends that vendors and shopkeepers use verified electronic scales, equal Arm (Red scales), and platform scales to weigh goods offered for sale.

To ensure measuring instruments are verified, consumers are urged to check for the GNBS-approved seal which should be affixed to the measuring instrument.

For the remainder of the first half of the year, GNBS inspectors will continue surveillance exercises at shops and markets across the country to remove all unapproved and unverified measuring instruments from retail trade to protect consumers.

The GNBS said that it intends to take a stronger stance to deal with malpractice in the marketplace so that consumers can get accurate weights and value for their money.

Consumers were advised that the GNBS does not verify (stamp) the unapproved domestic dial scales as they were designed for domestic/ household use only. These scales do not measure solely using metric units, which is legally acceptable for trade in Guyana.

Only a mere week ago Head of Legal Metrology Department at GNBS, Shailendra Rai revealed that a major challenge the GNBS has been facing is that persons are using illegal scales which are posing a risk to vendors’ customers and or themselves.

“One of the Major challenges that we are experiencing right now is the use of the imperial system, the metric system is the only legal system of measurement, and forces are required to use that system but what we find primarily, retail sector forces are still trying to facilitate them to get a product sold they would try to weigh in imperial quantities and in doing so they could be robbing the consumers,” he highlighted.

Meanwhile, he also highlighted that amidst the seizing that has been undertaken, the bureau has recorded a vast influx of vendors requesting the bureau to confirm the of validity of their scales.

“Now persons are actually approaching the bureau requesting verification we don’t really have to go out there to them they’re actually approaching the bureau so that’s one plus I would like to highlight,” he revealed.

The GNBS has sent a strong reminder to vendors, shopkeepers, and other retailers who continue to use the unapproved dial scales for trade. This comes at a time where consumers are making complaints to the Bureau regarding unjust weights for products they have received during purchases from this type of scale.

The scales that are approved for trade include electronic scales, red equal arm scales, platform scales, and the Salter brand hanging dial scales. These devices should be weighed in metric qualities and verified by the GNBS. During the ongoing verification exercise, these scales are stamped by the GNBS to indicate that they are approved for use.

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