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Govt creating bedrock for holistic transformation of Guyana – President Ali – Guyana Times

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government is working towards a holistic transformation of Guyana, which will see greater prosperity and development for the country and its people.
President Dr Irfaan Ali made this remark during a live broadcast on his social media page on Sunday, as he continues to defend his Administration’s $1.146 trillion Budget 2024.
According to the Head of State, the commentators and critics of Government’s fiscal plan for this year fail to grasp what is required for the transformation of Guyana.

President Dr Irfaan Ali

“When we speak about transformation, it’s a holistic area that we’re talking about: physical infrastructure, human resource transformation, economic transformation, financial transformation, creating the bedrock for a new Guyana,” he noted.
The Guyanese leader noted that Budget 2024 contains all the tenets to effect the transformation that his Administration is working towards. On this note, he pointed to the absurd criticisms of the level of investments being made in infrastructure.
“It is very funny to listen to some of these guys criticise the investment in infrastructure and then, in the same breath, they’re speaking about improved services and improved conditions… Ensuring investment in infrastructure and physical assets is just one component of transformation that Budget 2024 addresses in a holistic way, creating opportunities in every region, creating connectivity within the region, and reducing travel time while increasing competitiveness of industries. That is what infrastructure do: lead to new wealth creation and open up opportunities for the future, the economy,” he posited.

Human resource development is another key component on the transformation matrix that the Guyanese leader highlighted. He said the increasing investments in the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) scholarship programme, in training and development, in the US$120 million National Training Centre, the establishment of a School of Hospitality, building new nursing schools, creating the technology to enhance the country’s knowledge economy, and investing in research and development are all geared towards bolstering human resource transformation in Guyana.
Moreover, President Ali outlined that economic transformation comes from diversification of the economy and adding value. This, he explained, is where agro-processing, manufacturing, and industrial development become very critical and will create higher paying jobs for Guyanese.

“We have to be able to invest in the economic transformation, in the financial transformation, the building out competitiveness, creating the opportunities for us to be competitive,” the Guyanese leader stated.
Further, he underscored efforts by his administration to create a robust financial sector, creating greater fiscal space for investments to build out the economy and create the framework for wealth creation and prosperity.
According to the Head of State, these have positioned Guyana to better withstand external shocks such as the increasing global cost of fuel. In fact, for the third year running, Government has maintained its removal of taxes and duties on the importation of fuel.
Despite all of these, however, President Ali noted, one transformation that Budget 2024 cannot effect is that of the mind of those who continue to think from a biased window in a self-serving way and spreading divisiveness.

“They try hard every single day to keep our country stuck in the mud. They try to process everything in their head from a race perspective (in order) to continue their ambition of dividing us. It will fail, because this is a Government that is pursuing rigorously and aggressively the unification of our people and the expansion of our economy to benefit all the people of our country… You have to change your mindset, thinking and priorities if you really care about Guyana,” he stated.
Nevertheless, the Head of State reiterated his Government’s unwavering commitment towards improving the lives of every single Guyanese.
“We’re about building a country for prosperity for all the people of our country… We don’t commit ourselves to things we don’t deliver; we deliver on everything we say we will deliver… Budget 2024 targets the empowerment of people, bolstering income for the vulnerable, creating more disposable income in the pockets of the people, building wealth at the household level, building wealth at the community level, building wealth at the regional level. These are the things that we’re investing in. These are the things that Budget 2024 targets,” he declared.
“So, on every single criterion, when you compare our performance, when you analyze the facts, when you look at the truth, you will see that Budget 2024 continues to speak to realities of our country. Budget 2024 continues to fulfil our commitment to the people of Guyana. Budget 2024 continues to fulfil our mandate to the people of Guyana. Budget 2024 continues to deliver greater prosperity, development and advancement for our country and our people,” President Ali stated. (G8)

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