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Govt receives proposal from investor for ‘glamping’ eco-lodges in Region 10 – Guyana Times

…interventions for agri, alleviating water shortages also announced

The Region 10 communities of 58 Miles and Coomacka were over the weekend apprised of the various developments that are coming their way, including interest from private developers to invest in eco-tourism and planned interventions from the Government to address water shortages.
During an outreach to 58 Miles, President Dr Irfaan Ali told residents of the Government’s plans for integrating the community into the agricultural plans. According to him, the community will be an important point as they develop the regional food hub.

President Dr Irfaan Ali during his Region 10 outreach

“Because we’re working towards becoming a major supplier of food. And I know many of you know about the corn and soya project that we’re doing. All of that will be integrated and come back to support you and your community,” he said.
Turning to eco-tourism, President Ali revealed that the Government is in receipt of a proposal from a private developer, to invest in eco-lodges in the Great Falls Amerindian Village in Number 58.
The investor, according to the President, has a particular interest in “glamping”, a combination of glamour and camping, incorporating outdoor camping with comfortable accommodations and amenities.
“We have a proposal from an investor, who we’re going to put in contact with the Toshao and the Great Falls community. Who wants to do what is called glamping. That is high-end camps, with all the facilities. Eco-lodges. To build a major tourism facility in that area,” President Ali said.

“Whereby the people of the area can be employed as tourist guides, they have sport fishing as part of it, they have the exploration of the forest. And that is something, we’re going to send the investor in before the end of this year, to have a consultation and tell you exactly what they want to do.”
Last month, the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), in collaboration with the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), had launched Guyana Escapes 2023, an initiative aimed at promoting tourism in Guyana by driving traffic to established lodges and resorts countrywide.

An example of glamping

The promotion will see participating companies offering enticing packages and new experiences from November 1 to December 15, contingent on availability.
At the time of the announcement, nine businesses were partaking, namely: Karanambu Lodge, Rock View Lodge, Arrowpoint Nature Resort, Sloth Island Resort, Bimichi Eco Lodge, Atta Rainforest Lodge, Hurakabra River Resort, Aruwai Resort, and Iwokrama River Lodge.

During his Region 10 visit, President Ali also announced that his Government, through the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), would be investing in the drilling of a deep-water well to serve the community of Coomacka and its surrounding environs in Region 10.
In addition to the well, which would address water shortage issues affecting the community, the President also announced the impending distribution of 100 black tanks to store water among the residents.
Additionally, he had announced that the Ministry of Agriculture will be working along with the community to develop 20 acres of land to establish shade houses and hydroponics projects. In fact, during the opening of the Essequibo Expo, it had been announced that Government will be building out two new hydroponics facilities in the near future as it pursues a robust agricultural agenda – earmarked for Linden and Essequibo to the tune of $200 million each.

When it comes to issues of land titling, President Ali announced that all the community’s land titling issues will be addressed within the next two weeks. Further, the Ministry of Health will launch a programme targeting children and the elderly to have their eyes tested and provided with free eyewear. After providing updates on his Government’s plans to develop the community and the region, the President listened to additional concerns of the residents.
The President was accompanied on the visit by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh; Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony; Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill and Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai. (G3)

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