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GTT Pinktober Walk 2023: Massive turnout of over 10,000 marks triumph of solidarity – Guyana Times

In a spectacular display of solidarity on Sunday, this year’s GTT Pinktober Walk witnessed an overwhelming turnout as thousands of participants flooded the streets of Georgetown, dressed in various shades of pink, to raise awareness about breast cancer.
The event, organised by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), aimed to support cancer awareness and honour survivors.

The sea of pink-clad participants, stretching as far as the eye could see, marched through the heart of the city, creating an atmosphere of unity and hope. This year’s event, which exceeded all expectations, showcased the unwavering commitment of the Guyanese community in the fight against breast cancer.
Amidst the vibrant crowd, Guyana Times spoke with several remarkable women, cancer survivors whose stories serve as testaments to strength.

Balinda Drakes, a breast cancer survivor for the past three years, shared her thoughts on the event. “The walk was lovely. The exercise and everything were good all in one. It served a really good purpose because I had the chance to reach a whole lot of survivors. When I found out I didn’t take it so badly, trusted in God and I put my treatment and everything in front and I had good support.”
“I want to say to young people check your body; listen to your body because that is how I knew something was wrong with me. It is not only about partying. Do your mammograms, do your pap smears. Do yearly check-ups.”
Marcelle Bourne, another breast cancer survivor for the past eight years, expressed her gratitude for the support she received during her battle with cancer. “When I found out I had cancer I did a self-examination and I felt a lump and I did not take it for granted. I went to GPHC where I found out I had stage two breast cancer.”

“It was a hard and tough road to travel but with God by my side and support from others, I was able to get through.”
The GTT Pinktober Walk 2023 raises awareness for cancer research and support services. The event featured live music, dance performances, and heartfelt speeches, creating an atmosphere of celebration and hope.
In a release on Sunday, GTT said that over 10,000 persons took the streets of Georgetown to Walk/Run in solidarity with those fighting cancer.
The inspiring journey began at the Everest Cricket Ground and led participants south along Camp Street, east into Church Street, north into Vlissingen Road, west into Lamaha Street, and finally, north into Camp Street, concluding back at Everest for a Health Fair and entertaining performances by several top DJs and singers.

Chief Commercial Officer of GTT, Kerchelle Jn Charles said it was heartening to witness the meaningful impact of the event on the lives of thousands of Guyanese.
“Many persons walked in honour of family members they lost to cancer, we also had cancer survivors, cancer support organisations, corporate Guyana, popular influencers and persons from all walks of life coming together with a common purpose, and that signals to me that we are closer to the goal we are trying to reach and we want to thank everyone for their involvement.”

She said soon the company will be making an announcement about the success of the entire campaign, including how much money was raised for the cause, before making donations to several cancer support organisations and the Ministry of Health.
In addition, GTT awarded several exciting prizes to participants; including an iPhone 15 and vouchers for brunch at Starbucks.
There was also a Health Fair which offered a wide range of essential medical services such as blood pressure testing, screening and dental care.

Earlier this month, GTT, in collaboration with the Health Ministry and several non-governmental cancer support organisations, committed to offering more than 2500 free mammograms to members of the public who qualify.
Mammography is the process of using low-energy X-rays to examine the human breast for diagnosis and screening. The goal of mammography is the early detection of breast cancer.
According to GTT, to obtain a free voucher to undergo a mammogram examination, members of the public must first be pre-screened at any of the community health centres across the country or through any of the Champions of Hope NGOs offering pre-screening.
The mammograms will be offered by The Cancer Institute, St Joseph Mercy Hospital, and the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital. (G9)

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