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Guyanese protest for change of Exxon’s contract at CPL – Kaieteur News

Kaieteur News – Red Thread Women on Wednesday join other Guyanese citizens in protest against the lopsided ExxonMobil contract at the opening game of the Guyana leg of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) being held at the National Stadium, Providence East Bank Demerara.

Protestors in front of the National Stadium on Wednesday afternoon

One of the protestors, Ray Daggers said, “The leaders refuse to change the present and the future”.

According to Daggers, apart from their demands for a change of the contract, he and the other protestors are also educating the masses of how they are being “robbed” by a bad contract. He believes that as more and more persons become educated, they too will join them in protest for change that will cause ExxonMobil to “Kneel” and renegotiate the Stabroek Block deal with Guyana.

Kaieteur News’ Publisher, Glenn Lall said that while Guyanese chant “this year is we year” in support of Guyana Amazon Warriors to win this year’s CPL championship, the team’s main sponsor, ExxonMobil is also chanting too as it fills up its bank account with Guyana’s oil wealth. “What are we getting? Nothing,” Mr. Lall said as he pointed to the ExxonMobil billboards that decorated the stadium. Other protesters chanted: “the oil is we own; we want our fair share,” as they held banners and placards with strong messages for change.

One banner read: “we demand full compliance with the rule of law,” while another read: “Our future has been handed to a slave master-ExxonMobil and we can’t breathe. We demand on the sixth oil project: Ring fencing, taxes, more royalties, Capping of interest rates, unlimited parent company guarantee, Hiring of top experts to review FDP (Field Development Plans), and for them to release the findings”. As the thousands of fans trickled into the stadium to watch the game, some supported the movement and told the protesters to “Keep up the good work.”

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