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“I do not want you to waste the money that you’re earning” – Pres Ali to Baracara residents – Guyana Times

…pledges 150 solar units, pushes for increased agri in community

Residents cheering after President Ali announced that 150 households will get solar units

President Dr Irfaan Ali on Saturday made a pledge to supply residents of Baracara, Canje River, Berbice, with 150 solar power units for the houses in the riverine community.
The Head of State led a Cabinet outreach across Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) over the weekend during which he engaged residents from several communities and made interventions to resolve a host of issues raised.
At Baracara, President Ali lauded the residents for undertaking home improvement projects – something which he was particularly impressed with since it shows that residents were spending to ensure the comfort of their families.
“I do not want you to waste the money that you’re earning… So, we’re going to set aside before the end of this year, 150 solar units for the 150 households [in Baracara],” the Head of State announced to an eruption of loud screams and cheers by residents.

Last year, the Government had announced plans to distribute 30,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) home energy systems in hinterland and riverine communities whereupon completion, would provide 4.5 megawatts of power across all administrative regions.
These units are to include a 160-watt panel, charge controller, battery, and other basic fittings, to ensure each household can independently generate electricity.
The first 1830 solar units reportedly arrived in the country in May 2023, with the remaining systems expected to arrive between now and November.
The distribution of the systems has already begun in Regions One (Barima-Waini), Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), Four (Demerara-Mahaica), and Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).
Meanwhile, during his address to the Baracara residents on Saturday, President Ali relayed that the focus of the inventions his Government has made there in recent years is to drive productivity in the community.

The Guyanese leader explained that Government has to ensure that whenever it makes an investment, it brings about benefits. In fact, he disclosed that previous interventions made in the community have already yielded some $10 million in just one year.
“We want to expand this even further,” he stressed.
At present, Baracara is preparing 25 acres of land for the upcoming red beans crop. But the Head of State wants to expand this to a much higher acreage in order to increase output.
“We’re going to put the tractor and plough to work. But I am not going to accept anything below 400 acres of land for red beans. So, we’re going to put the land to work, we’re going to put the machinery, we’re going to put the labour and I’m not accepting anything below 400 acres to be prepared and work for red beans and black beans,” he informed residents.
Further, the President went on to outline his plans to expand aquaculture activities in Baracara.
“I was disappointed to hear that you don’t have any fish for me to buy today. So, I was analysing why and I believe that we should invest in at least one large solar freezer so that when you have excessive production of fish, you can store in that,” the Head of State said.

Moreover, he highlighted Government’s push to have more young people be involved in this sector, especially with certain initiatives such as the Innovative Entrepreneurship Programme that they can tap into to get started.
He noted that Government wants to naturally open up areas in which there can be aquaculture activities in order to further increase the production and not have only seasonal catches.
“So, when we are out of the season, we may have facilities like the aquaculture farms that can still give us the patwa, the hassar, the houri and the Tilapia. So, we want to work on examining how we can develop this in its natural environment with the young people,” the Guyanese leader noted.
In terms of livestock, President Ali reminded that during his last visit to Baracara, this industry was completely wiped out. But with Government’s intervention, it has since been revived and is now thriving.

According to the Head of State, he wants to see this further grow and so Government will be handing over at least five heifers and two high-bred rams to the community to expand their livestock production.
Recreation and health wellness is another area that the Guyanese leader highlighted that is important to communities. He said his Administration has been creating opportunities for health and wellness in communities across the country through the establishment of green and safe spaces especially for children, young people and women – spaces that are family-oriented and bring together communities.
Against this backdrop, the President announced plans to use the tractor and plough that will be deployed to the community to prepare the farmlands, as well as other additional resources, to develop the playground into a proper facility that can be “comfortably enjoyed” by the children of Baracara. (G8)

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