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Inspector Chisholm retires after 41 years of service – News Room Guyana

Inspector Jacqueline Chisholm has retired from the Guyana Police Force (Photos: Guyana Police Force)

Inspector Jacqueline Chisholm has retired after dedicating more than four decades — forty-one (41) years to be exact — to the Guyana Police Force’s Special Constabulary (SC). Inspector Chisholm joined the Special Constabulary on October 11, 1982, with regulation number 6122. She has served with distinction, performing her duties without malice, favour, or ill will.

After her initial training, Chisholm was posted at the SC Headquarters Enquires Office from 1982–1990. During this period, she was promoted to the rank of Corporal. In the year 1990, Corporal Chisholm was transferred to the Police Finance Office, where she worked for three years. After the merger with the National Guard Service in 1994, she was reassigned to the Operations Room at Princess Street, Georgetown, from 1994–2004. In the years 2004–2012, she worked as the subordinate officer in charge of the operations room and the arms and ammunition section. After diligently performing her duties, she was elevated to the rank of Sergeant. She was the recruitment officer between 2012 and 2019, and in 2021, she was promoted to the rank of Inspector.

Inspector Jacqueline Chisholm has retired from the Guyana Police Force (Photos: Guyana Police Force)

Inspector Chisholm wore many hats; she represented the Welfare Section of the Special Constabulary and the Association of Women Police.

When asked what motivated her to stay on the job despite the challenges, she posited that “being focused was my driving force, and being myself was also a driving force.”

Inspector Chisholm has completed numerous courses offered by the Guyana Police Force, namely Supervisory Management, Station Sergeant, Disciplinary Procedure, Train the Trainers, and Occupational Health and Safety.

Her continued dedication and discipline on the job have been consistent over the years, and she encourages all females in the Special Constabulary “to have self-respect, be disciplined always, and be your authentic self,” she posited.

Inspector Jacqueline Chisholm wishes to thank the Commissioner of Police, the officer in charge of the Special Constabulary, and other officers and ranks for all the encouragement and support during her tenure. [Guyana Police Force]

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