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International Day of Tolerance: Embrace, celebrate diversity of our nation – ERC – Guyana Times

November 16 every year is set aside by the United Nations General Assembly for the observance of International Day of Tolerance.
As such, the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) has encouraged all Guyanese to embrace and celebrate the diversity of our nation as Guyana joins in observing this important day.
In a release issued by the ERC, it stated that tolerance is the respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the multifaceted diversity of human cultures, ethnicities, religions, and languages that make up the world. It is the foundation of peaceful and inclusive societies.
“Indeed, the success of the ERC is predicated upon the promotion and assimilation of tolerance within our plural society. As outlined in our mandate under Article 212D of the Constitution, it is to “Foster a sense of security among all ethnic groups by encouraging and promoting the understanding, acceptance and tolerance of diversity in all aspects of national life…,” the constitutional body added.

Further it reiterated that Guyana was blessed with a rich heritage of cultures and traditions. This diversity, it stated, is one of our greatest strengths. It makes our nation more vibrant, dynamic, and resilient.
“On this International Day of Tolerance, the ERC urges all Guyanese to learn more about and appreciate the different cultures and traditions that make up our nation; challenge stereotypes and prejudices; speak out against discrimination and intolerance and promote empathy and understanding.”
“Together, we can create a Guyana where everyone feels respected and valued, regardless of their background or beliefs. We invite all citizens to join us in celebrating this day by taking a stand for tolerance, respect, and unity.”
“Let us work together to create a more inclusive, harmonious, and tolerant society for current and future generations,” the ERC posited.

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