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Leonora man arrested for discharging firearm – News Room Guyana

Arrested: Isaac Lopez and the firearm

A man from Leonora, West Coast Demerara, was on Sunday arrested after he admitted to Police that he discharged several rounds of his firearm near a group of people.

Police Headquarters in a statement said Isaac Lopez, 28, was arrested at about 14:30 hrs after Police received information causing them to locate him and eventually, make the arrest.

According to the Police, at about 14:00 hrs on Sunday, ranks from the Parika Police Station received a report from a 29-year-old unemployed woman of Parika Access Road, East Bank Essequibo, that the man discharged four rounds within the vicinity of herself and others.

This occurred at about 15:30 hrs on Sunday.

The woman was further questioned and she revealed that the suspect accused her brother of stealing US$3,000 from him. Ranks then went to the area at Parika where more persons were questioned and based on information received, the man was contacted at the Parika Access Road.

He was told of the allegations against him and he admitted and said that someone named ‘Freko’ stole US$3,000 from him, Police said. The man also went with the Police to his home where the firearm was found in his bedroom on top of an AC unit. It did not have ammunition.

According to the Police, when the firearm was shown to him, the man said “Yeah, the is the gun.”

He was cautioned, then arrested and escorted to the Police Station along with the firearm. Upon further examination of the firearm no serial number was found.

The firearm was lodged, and his hands swabbed for gunpowder residue. He was placed into custody pending charges.

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