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Miner chopped to death at Omai Backdam – Guyana Times

A man lost his life on Saturday after he was chopped to death by a man at Granny Landing, Omai Backdam, Siparuni, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).
Dead is Perry Budhram, a miner from Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara. The suspect is known only as “Saw Man”.
Investigations so far reveal that on Saturday at about 12:00h, Budhram, along with two co-workers – all of whom work with Chunilall Babulall Mining Company – left their camp and went to Granny Landing where they bought a case of Banks Beer and began consuming it.

At about 15:00h, Budhram told his two co-workers that he was going to “pick a fare” with a Spanish girl named “Jenny”. He then left and went into the Spanish girl’s room. According to Police, at about 16:00h, the two co-workers, who were ready to go back to the camp site, went to “Jenny”, where they saw her room door open, and Budhram was lying on the bed by himself. They shouted at him, telling him it was time to return to camp, and Budhram responded that he was not returning. The two men told Police that they decided to leave Budhram and went back to camp.
Meanwhile, a 57-year-old businessman of Granny Landing further told detectives that at about 17:45h on Saturday, he was at his business place when he saw Budhram run behind his shop in a bending position. He immediately checked on him and saw two wounds to Budhram’s arms – one wound on each arm.
According to the businessman, Budhram told him that a man had chopped him. The businessman then assisted Budhram by tying the two wounds with a piece of cloth.

The businessman said he later saw “Saw Man” and enquired from him as to who chopped Budhram. “Saw Man” responded that Budhram had also chopped him and told him about his mother.
Budhram, meanwhile, went and laid down next to a truck and became motionless. This prompted the businessman to contact the Police and report the matter.
His body was escorted to Mahdia District Hospital, where it was pronounced dead on arrival. The body is at the hospital’s mortuary, awaiting a post-mortem examination (PME).
Police searched several shops, camps, and worksites for the suspect, but he could not be contacted. Efforts were also made to contact “Jenny” for questioning, but her whereabouts are also unknown. A probe has been launched.

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