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Parag raps Greenidge, McDonald for ‘misleading’ statements on civil servants – Stabroek News

Minister of Public Service Sonia Parag yesterday chided former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge and GTU General Secretary Coretta McDonald for making what she termed “disillusioned and unconscionably misleading” statements concerning her government’s plan for civil servants.

“It is an undeniable fact that the hardworking people of Guyana deserve better. Not just better salaries, but increased and improved access to opportunities such as housing, academic advancements, et cetera. That will elevate their standard of living. Opportunities much like the ones being created today by the current People’s Progressive Party/Civic government”, Parag said.

She said that the article in yesterday’s edition of Stabroek News, titled `Workers in Guyana deserve better pay,’ simply printed blatant and biased utterances without any comparison to current facts, or at least affording the government a response, which she described as “totally disappointing.”

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