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Schoolgirl, 14, gang-raped – known suspects on the run – Kaieteur News

By Alex Wayne

Kaieteur News- Residents of the quaint Mahaicony district are in shock after a 14-year-old school girl was brutally raped by several men.

The young girl has since been hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). A medical source at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, told this publication that when the young girl was taken to that institution last Thursday night following the ordeal, she had to be referred to GPHC as a result of the extent of injuries she sustained; the child was bleeding profusely, the source said.

The source noted that the teen appeared to be a victim as a result of a prolonged, forceful sexual assault on her body given the extent of her injuries. It is suspected that she was raped by more than one individual.

A 21-year-old man from the Mahaicony area (name and address provided), who is said to be the ring leader of the attack on the child, has gone into hiding, according to a police source. While police are tight lipped about the case, a source noted that as of late yesterday, the police have not been able to properly interview the victim as a result of her condition. The rank noted, however, that investigations are ongoing.

Reports are that the suspect would normally contact the victim via social medium platform Facebook.


Yesterday, the victim’s distraught, and agonized grandmother related between sobs that the young girl had not related much after the incident. However, the teen informed relatives that she left home on Thursday evening after she was invited to a public gathering by some of her female friends.

The victim related to relatives that the suspect, whom she is close to, invited to meet her as he was ‘the big brother type’ to her and many of her female school friends.

According to the teen’s grandmother, the victim related that the perpetrator picked her up in a ‘black wagon car.’ He informed her, that she should not be afraid if she sees more than one male in the car when he arrived. The victim related that after picking her up, she was taken to a village close to her home. She believes she may have been drugged since she cannot remember what subsequently occurred.

Her grandmother said that while her granddaughter cannot remember if she was given anything to drink when she was picked-up by the man, she recalled the suspect touching her in the car inappropriately, and that he became aggressive when she resisted.

A cousin of the victim said the girl arrived home after the incident “seemingly stupefied”, bleeding, and weeping uncontrollably. He said she was bleeding badly, and did not “look like herself.” He added that the teen then slumped to the ground as relatives were preparing to rush her nearest hospital.

The mother of the young girl yesterday explained that the police are still completing investigations via interviews with her daughter. She said her daughter is traumatized and that she is still shocked by the incident.

Police sources familiar with the case, have assured that the matter would be investigated speedily, and the perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly.

Meanwhile, a source in Mahaicony informed this publication that the suspect seemed to be in the habit of luring young girls to specific locations and , along with others, would gang-rape the teens. The man is said to be connected to a similar incident which occurred just over a week ago in the same area.

In that incident, a teenage girl was found almost naked by market vendors in the wee hours of the morning, frothing at the mouth and moaning. When contacted yesterday, a vendor said the child related that she went to a party, and may have been drugged and gang-raped by a group of boys from Mahaicony. One source reported that the horrified young lady has since relocated from the area.

One source said that the prime suspect appears “up close and personal” with many young school girls from the area where he preys on his victims.

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