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Sections of Bartica without power for several days – Kaieteur News

… GPL rushes back-up generator to mining town

Kaieteur News – On Sunday, residents of Bartica in Region Seven were contemplating their next move after sections of town have been without power for several days.

The township has been without stable electricity all weekend and while the Guyana Power and Light (GPL)  work around the clock to remedy the situation, residents said poor management by the power company, has resulted in the ongoing situation. “Whole night last night we were in darkness. Until now we are still without electricity,” a resident told this publication late on Sunday afternoon.

On Thursday last, sections of the town experienced several hours of power outages and on Friday, a similar situation occurred with some areas being without power from 08:00hrs until 02:00hrs Saturday. The blackouts continued into the night on Sunday.

On Friday GPL said that engineers were working to replace an alternator within the engine at its power plant at the township.

The back-up generator which the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) said was taken to Bartica from the Essequibo Coast over the weekend to restore power to the mining town. (Credit: GPL)

In a statement on Sunday afternoon, GPL noted that a generator was en-route to Bartica and that it was expected to arrive later that evening. “Upon its arrival, our team will promptly transport it to the Power Plant, where Engineers will immediately begin the process of connecting the generator for operation,” GPL said. The power company said that once the generator becomes operable, it anticipated that power will be gradually restored to the township.

Additionally, GPL said that a team has been, “diligently working on the units at the power plant with the primary goal of getting those units back into operation.”

“As a company, we empathize with you, our customers, please rest assured that we are fully committed to resolving this issue soonest,” the company said. But its words of comfort have not been sitting well with residents.

Many residents noted that they were forced to discard perishable goods while the current high daily temperatures which the country has been experiencing,  have made life uncomfortable over the past few days.

“Sad situation, a lot of businesses suffered heavy losses,” one resident said on Facebook. “I can’t get to sleep with this heat,” another resident said, while others noted that the situation has been unbearable all weekend.

Regional Chairman, Kenneth Williams met with senior officials of the power company over the weekend and after another meeting on Sunday, he was assured by GPL’s management at Bartica  that power would be restored at the township on Sunday night.

APNU-AFC , Member of Parliament,  Juretha Fernandes noted on her social media page on Facebook over the weekend that the generating set at Bartica broke down last week since it was being operated way past the required time for overhaul.

Fernandes noted that GPL previously removed its back-up generator and sent it to the company’s power operation on the Essequibo Coast, a move which she said some persons at he town are disputing.

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