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Student allegedly strangled until unconscious at Friendship Secondary – INews Guyana

The injuries sustained by the child

A 13-year-old male student of the Friendship Secondary School, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was on Tuesday strangled into unconsciousness.

The incident occurred at the school’s compound during its annual sports activities.

The child’s father spoke with this publication where he expressed shocked that such a violent crime happened on school property.

“Your child goes to school and comes home like this, and the teachers and students didn’t see how or who choked him with a rope until he fainted. He was standing under a shed with other students and teachers, and he said all he felt was something around his neck choking him.”

“After he fainted, the school called his grandmother, who then informed me. They took him to Diamond Diagnostic Hospital. When I started to inquire, the students and teachers claimed they didn’t know. But I believe someone is hiding something or covering for somebody because how can so many children and teachers be there and not notice a child being strangled?”

“They found the rope on the ground afterward…I believe it had to be a bigger student. He even told me he had no problem with anyone in the school.”

The matter has since been reported to the Ministry of Education and the Child Care and Protection Agency.

The child’s parents told this publication that they are anxiously awaiting the results of the investigation and are demanding swift action.

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