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Woman raped by man she met on dating site – Kaieteur News

Kaieteur News – Created for singles to find love, a dating app called ‘Tinder’ turned out to be a nightmare for a 22-year-old Guyanese woman on Tuesday after a man she met on the website raped her on the first date.

The rape reportedly took place during the evening hours after the two were left alone at a location in Georgetown.  Kaieteur News learnt that the victim was befriended by the suspect a few months back after they “matched” on the website. They began chatting with each other reportedly “on-off”. The man had invited her out for dates but the victim never agreed until he finally managed to convince her to go out with him on Tuesday.

It was their first date and he managed to lure the victim in his trap by getting her to believe it was just a friendly chat so that they can get know each other. He picked her up from her home and took her to the date location. Everything was reportedly going smoothly until the two were left alone. According to the victim he turned into a monster. “He started asking me sexual questions”, the victim said as she recalled him moving from where he was and leaning over to kiss her.

The Tinder dating app

The woman said that she pulled away but then the suspect grabbed her breasts and started rubbing his body against hers. “I got up and said no I am not having sex”. She then reportedly got up from next to him and sat in another chair a fair distance away. She then requested a glass of water but little did she know that the date was not going to take no for an answer.

While allegedly taking her to get the water, he grabbed her and forced into a room at the location where he raped, beat and sodomized her before dropping her home in tears. “I tried fighting him off…while saying no but then he squeezed me and held my two hands together and removed my pants”, recalled the victim. The man then slapped her to face and asked her if she liked rough sex before shoving his fingers in her vagina. “I started crying but he didn’t care”, added the victim.

She continued that that he continued to assault her while saying, “to behave like a big girl and take it”.

The man then reportedly raped her brutally. The victim said she continued to fight back throughout the ordeal and even told him that she will report him to the police but that did not stop him. He responded by choking her as he continued to penetrate her forcefully.  “After he ejaculated he pulled me off the bed shoved me down on the floor to my knees and tell me to pull of his condom”, the victim said while adding that he also demanded that she gave him oral sex.

Already weak she still kept resisting him and he assaulted again. “I was still crying and he slapped me to the face again”, related the woman while recounting that at that point she had already given up the will to live. “I told him to kill me..I don’t mind dying tonight”, she recounted.  By this time the man made sure that he took possession of her phone and put it out of her reach before raping her a second time. “He pulled out another condom and told me, “you see how hard I am for you. I still want you”, the victim continued as she relived the horror. She said that during the second rape he turned her around and sodomised her”.

“I felt like I wasn’t human with how this man treated me”, she said as she recalled him ordering her to shower herself.  Bruised and battered and in pain, he reportedly made her dress and dropped her home before returning her cell phone. She immediately opened the dating app to find his photo only to find that he unmatched and blocked her. The young woman said she showered herself again at her home but could not get rid of the scent of his “cigarette breath” and cologne he wore and even considered committing suicide.

She related too that she hasn’t related the incident to her family and is even reluctant to report the matter to the police for fear of being judged by the public of placing herself in a vulnerable position. “I don’t want anyone questioning me right now because I am not mentally in a good place at the moment… I am crying all the time”, she said. Nevertheless, she confided in a close friend she trusts and gave permission for her story to be reported in Kaieteur News so that her ordeal could serve as a warning to other single women looking for love on Tinder.

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